Monday, October 02, 2006

Oct 1st, Road trip to Vienna, Austria

We drove to Vienna to visit the Museum of Natural History, to see some dinosaur bones. We got lucky and also ran into the original Venus of Willendorf, a figurine that is 25,000 years old that I have always liked a lot. And we also found the bones of a saber tooth tiger, which is what Sixten liked best.

Playing outside while waiting for daddy who forgot his wallet in the car:

Posing on the elephant outside the entrance of the museum:

Checking out the dinosaurs:

The world's largest spider:

The Venus of Willendorf is 25,000 years old. I'm 39! And she's kind of chubby too. Don't I look good standing next to her?

A hut:

Doesn't the top of the museum look familiar?

There is no place like Starbucks though!